Dear Neighbours,

     For the past four years, I have had the honour of serving as your Public School Board Trustee. Since my election in 2014, I have been working hard to deliver on our community’s priorities. Together, we have improved transportation, increased support for special education, and built kindergarten outdoor learning spaces for our students and families. I have been a strong advocate for increased access to technology and for ensuring equity in education for all students. I have also served on the Instructional Programs/Curriculum Committee, Special Education Advisory Committee, the Physical Planning and Building Committee, and the Budget Development Committee at the Board.

     In addition to serving as your public school board trustee, I am a social worker at a local hospital in Mississauga. I previously worked as a Settlement Worker in Schools. I understand the issues students face in our schools and have worked with them, their families, teachers, and principals to resolve them.

     This is an important election. My main priority remains working to address the needs and challenges of the students and their families in Ward 9 & 10. I love this job and I love this community. We have accomplished a great deal in the last four years but there is still lots to be done. On October 22, I am seeking re-election as your English Public School Board Trustee. I am asking for your support to build on the work we are doing to ensure equity in education, celebration of diversity in our schools, and an open and transparent governance model.

     As always, I can be reached at (289) 914 0214 or 




Nokha Dakroub

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